Making The Most Of Your Coffee Subscription

If you are a coffee lover, getting a monthly coffee subscription is sure to be wonderful. Opening a package to find a new type of coffee will put a smile on your face, month after month. But how can you make the most of your coffee subscription? Here are a few ideas.

Do a cupping with each new coffee that comes

When you receive a new coffee from your subscription service, always do a cupping session with it before you formally brew it. If you're not familiar with cupping, it is essentially brewing a small amount of coffee with water in a small cup. You watch the coffee brew, enjoy its scent as it infuses the water, and then sample the coffee with a spoon, all without draining it. This gives you a thorough picture of the coffee and its character, which will help you decide what brewing methods may work best and how much sugar and cream you might add.

Share your coffee with friends

There may be a temptation to keep the coffee all to yourself. But coffee shared among friends is so enjoyable. You don't have to share every month, but try to invite friends over at least a few of the times you receive new coffee in the mail. You can catch up, sip coffee together, and talk about the coffee. They might pick up flavors in the coffee that you do not recognize, giving you greater insight into the coffee's character.

Use the best water and mix-ins

When you brew a cup of one of your subscription coffees, make sure you use good, filtered water. Water straight from the tap may contain too many minerals and chlorine, which can distort the flavor of the coffee. Similarly, make sure any mix-ins that you use are of good quality, such as the sugar and cream. Using quality water and ingredients gives each coffee its best chance at really shining. You don't want to think you did not like a certain coffee, only to find out later that was because you used chlorinated water.

When you are subscribed to a monthly coffee service, there is always something new and different to try. If you take the time to cup each coffee, use quality ingredients, and share some of the coffee with friends, you will really get a lot out of the subscription. Consider signing up for a coffee subscription from a company like Peak City Coffee.