Helpful Tips For Buying Buns For Your Hot Dog Cart

Running a hot dog cart can be a great way to make a living, but you'll need to serve great hot dogs if you want to be proud of your business and if you want customers to come back over and over again for more. Not only do you need to be sure that your hot dogs and toppings are great, but you will need to have great hotdog buns, too. If you're buying buns for your hot dog cart, these tips will help you do it the right way.

Taste Test Them First

It's not a bad idea to check out some of the different hot dog bun suppliers and try their products before you decide which buns you want to use. You'll want to choose buns that taste good and that are a good size for the hot dogs that you will be putting on them. You'll want buns that are soft but that don't tear or crumble easily since you will want them to hold up well, too.

Buy a Lot of Them

When you start operating your hot dog cart, it will hopefully be very busy. Customers might just line up at your cart, and many of them might buy two or more hot dogs at a time. If you buy plenty of buns from a wholesale provider, then you should hopefully have enough buns so you don't run out. Just make sure you buy plenty of hot dogs and condiments, too.

Rotate Them By Expiration Date

Make sure that you're mindful of the freshness date for each of your packs of buns, and rotate your stock accordingly. After all, you might end up with packs with different expiration dates. You'll need to use up the older packs first to ensure your hot dogs and buns are as fresh and high quality as possible.

Steam or Toast Them

Once you start serving up your hot dogs in your new buns, you'll want to be sure the buns are properly prepared. Typically, using a bun steamer or toaster is a good way to make the buns better. You should be able to find a small, portable steamer or toaster that you can set up on your hot dog cart. You may need to practice toasting or steaming your new buns a few times until you get the hang of them. Then, you'll know just how long the buns need to be steamed or toasted so they will be perfect for your customers.

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