Tips For Choosing And Sourcing Wholesale Empanadas

If you sell empanadas at your restaurant or food stand, you know how much work they are to make. Perhaps you are considering outsourcing this work to another company. There are several suppliers that make and sell wholesale empanadas. Which one do you order from? Well, you'll have to do your homework and figure out which brand best suits your needs. Here are some tips for choosing empanadas.

Make sure the dough texture is ideal for the way you prepare the empanadas

Some people bake their empanadas, and others fry them. Empanadas that come out lovely when baked may not come out quite as lovely when fried. So, when considering your empanada options, be sure to ask how the empanadas turn out when cooked in your preferred manner. You may want to get a few samples to cook and try yourself.

Choose empanadas that are delivered frozen

Empanadas don't stay fresh very long. They really need to be baked or fried within a couple of days of when they are made. But they will last a lot longer if frozen. It is, therefore, easier to look for an empanada supplier who sends you the empanadas already frozen. They'll last longer without spoiling, so you'll have far less waste. And you won't have to find ways to freeze them yourself. Most come in bags or boxes for easy storage.

Pick a company with a good variety

Right now, you may only sell one or two types of empanadas. But once you're not making them yourself, you may find that you want to expand and offer more options. Choose an empanada supplier who has a variety of types and flavors so that you have an easy way to diversify if desired. A company that offers a few vegetarian options is even better since this will allow you to create a vegetarian-friendly menu.

See whether they also offer sauces

Some empanada companies also sell dipping sauces to go along with their empanadas. If you're able to buy the sauces pre-made, this will save you even more time. Plus, you will know they were specially designed to pair with the empanadas you are ordering.

If you follow the advice above, you should have no trouble choosing an empanada supplier whose products work well for you and your business. Empanadas are a delicious food to serve, and they come in many varieties — so your customers are sure to be pleased, too